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Commercial Tinting Film: Six Advantages for Your Business

More Than an Office!

Owning your own building or office space is both a lucrative and rewarding endeavor that gives you the freedom to select who you wish to surround yourself with and create an environment that is both positive and productive. However, as it’s been said before, “With great power comes great responsibility” and when owning your own office, this phrase certainly rings true! Obviously keeping your tenants happy is a major concern and while there’s only so much you can control; a safe comfortable environment is something you can provide!

Commercial Tinting Film   

As surely, you’ve heard, window tinting is the practice of applying tinting film to all the major windows or sources of natural light within a building or residence, with the purpose of reducing the amount of sunlight allowed to enter the dwelling.  While protection from excess sunlight is an obvious reason for the application of tinting film, there are multiple benefits offered by commercial tinting film; many of which can be highly beneficial for both the tenants of the building as well as the actual building itself.

Six Advantages of Window Tint

  1. Comfortable Climate: As mentioned previously, if you have hot, blinding rays of sunlight beaming down on you throughout the day, you are almost certain to be miserable! Fortunately, window tinting can resolve this as tinting film both rejects the sun’s heat and humidity from entering through your windows, as well as significantly reducing the glare caused by excessive natural light. Conversely, the weather resistant film material also provides additional insulation for your building, during those cold winter months. Read more here about the advantages of making your work zone comfortable.
  2. Increased Security: As much as we may love our beautiful city of Sacramento, let’s be honest here; break ins happen all the time! Fortunately, by applying commercial tinting film to your building’s windows, the glass will become shatter resistant, and thereby much harder to penetrate. However, keep in mind that while the window may no longer shatter, the glass can still be cracked or broken upon significant impact, thus intruders can sill break in if they are determined enough.
  3. Improved Safety: Safety is very important and certainly your tenants always want to feel as though they are in a safe environment. Therefore, the fact that tinting film strengthens and reinforces glass is certain to provide the staff with a bit of relief as they will indeed be much safer from any outside hazards such as accidents, intruders, or even natural disasters.
  4. Save Energy: Obviously utility bills can be a bit pricey at times, and with a consistent influx of hot or cold air seeping through your windows on a daily basis, these costs are almost guaranteed to skyrocket! This can be reduced by window tinting; however, as by eliminating hot or cold air from entering the building, the occupants may keep their work space at a comfortable temperature without having to contend with outside interference. This in turn, will significantly reduce the overall amount of energy used, thereby cutting down on energy costs regardless of the outside climate, and assuredly save you money!
  5. Added Privacy: While privacy might not seem like a major concern for an office, the additional veil of privacy may enable the office staff to conduct business without any outside distractions or interruptions, thus encouraging a more productive atmosphere.
  6. Alter Interior Lighting: By adjusting the light entering your building, you will not only make better use of its natural light, you will also be able to direct the sunlight away from sensitive furnishings or equipment. When furniture and appliances are repeatedly exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays over a period of time, the materials may sustain damage or begin to fade and become discolored. Obviously replacing such items is likely to be time consuming and of course costly, by simply redirecting your light sources through tinting film you can avoid such a scenario.

Read more here about the 5 top reasons businesses choose commercial window tint.

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