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Keep the Heat Out with Residential Window Tinting


Window tinting is a process that involves placing a high-quality tinted film on the inner portion of a window. It offers privacy, reduces heat and glares, and aids in managing temperatures. Typically, when individuals think of window tinting, they think of vehicles, and the process performed in darkening their windows. However, many do not realize that window tinting is not just for cars. Due to its benefits, more than vehicle windows are being tinted. Residential windows are also receiving this same application.

An increasing number of homeowners are relying on residential window tinting to improve their energy bills, control temperatures in their homes, limit the bright rays from the sun, and increase their privacy. Continue reading to discover the benefits of tinting windows in your home.


Control Temperatures

Tinting windows regulates the rays and heat that enter your home. With the Solar Gard and 3M tinting products offered by TintMaster, you can seriously limit the heat and glare permeating through your home’s window. By restricting these elements, you are making the conditions in your home ideal, thus allowing your HVAC unit to do its job and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


Lower Energy Bills

By controlling the conditions in your home, you’re reducing the need to turn up your air conditioning. As a result, your home’s energy bills reflect lower costs. Tinting increases efficiency, allowing you to save money, save energy, and truly enjoy your home without worry. Tinting the windows in your home offers superior advantages and can drastically reduce your expenses over time.

Can you really save money with residential window tinting? Click HERE to calculate your solar comfort with the SolarSense Calculator.


Reduce Glare

One of the peskiest things that uncovered windows can cause is glare from the sun. You’ll struggle to watch TV or work on your computer because of a limited and sometimes blinding reflection. Glare can affect how you enjoy your favorite family time, get work done, or it can hinder you from perusing the internet contentedly. Regardless of the circumstance, glare from the sun can ruin your routine.

Blinds and curtains only offer temporary solutions. They are unable to reject the sun’s thermal rays effectively. With these standard coverings, the heat and emissions from the sun can still make their way through.

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Increase Privacy

Almost every homeowner opts for blinds and curtains in their home. They install them for a sense of privacy and also in an attempt to provide shade. But tinting your windows can offer an increased amount of privacy as it restricts what people can see inside your abode. It ensures that the valuable contents of your home remain concealed and blocks the eyes of prying individuals.


TintMaster in Sacramento, California Offers Superior Residential Window Tinting

More people are seeking effective alternatives to maintain the comfortable temperatures and privacy of their home. The solution to all your glare, heat, and security issues is residential window tinting. If you are considering home window tinting, reach out to Garitt at TintMaster. We offer high-quality products and reliable service. Contact our team to get the information you need and start improving your home today!


As a family owned and operated business, TintMaster pride themselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. They have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence. If you need automotive, residential, or commercial window tinting, give the specialists at TintMaster a call at 916-852-8468.

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