3M Window filmTintmaster is not only one of the oldest names in automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, and Rancho Cordova. But, one of the most trusted names in applying 3M and Solar Gard window film!

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For over 25 years, our licensed and certified technicians have protected our customers’ vehicles, homes, and businesses from harmful UV rays with patented 3M window film tinting technology in the Sacramento area. Let Tintmaster provide the highest quality and dedication to service for your window tinting project, and we’ll ensure that you find the perfect window film shade to suit your window tinting needs.

Automotive Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting
Automobile Window Tinting

Window film applied to your automobile not only reduces the harmful and bright UV-rays that make driving more difficult, but auto window film also keeps the interior of your car at a more comfortable temperature when parked outside exposed to the heat of the sun. With years of dedicated service, performing car window tinting in the Sacramento, area. Tintmaster is the company that Sacramento, residents rely on for their all-around clearer driving experience.Our 3M automobile window film does the following:• Reduces cooling and heating costs by keeping your car cool in the summer & warmer in the winter.• Rejects harmful UV rays by up to 99.9 percent.
• Protects lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, fading, and breakdown of adhesive
• Designed perfectly for RV’s, boats, trailers, and more!For Tintmaster’s car window tinting prices, contact us to receive a quote for your make and model of vehicle.

Residential Window Tinting

Residential window film increase your privacy and energy efficiency with our house window tinting. Tinting home windows protect your belongings from the harmful rays of the sun that causes damage to not only your carpet and floors, but also priceless paintings or photograph’s hanging on your wall. In fact, you can even save money by installing window film on your residence windows, since window film reduces the need for heating and air conditioning!Our residential tinting service in Sacramento, offer the following advantages:
• Reduce your energy costs during even the most extreme seasonal changes.
• Reduce sun damage from occurring to the interior of your home.
• Window Film adds privacy.
• Also available is Security Film.
• Heat Reducing Window Film.
Frosted Privacy Window Film.
• And much more..
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Commercial Window Film

Places of business should be cost-efficient and comfortable for clients, which is why Tintmaster provides commercial window tinting in the Sacramento area. Our commercial window tint promotes privacy, comfort from heat or direct sunlight and energy efficiency. For the commercial window tinting, businesses prefer, call us today!
We provide the following commercial window tinting services:
Anti Graffiti Films
Safety and Security Glass Film
Frosted Privacy Window Film
• Opaque Window Film
• Glare Reducing Window Film
• Privacy Window FilmContact us today for a personalized quote

We offer over 30 different colors and shades of film and use only the finest products, such as 3M and Solar Gard Window Film, to handle all of your window tinting projects in the Sacramento area.

Our treatments are perfect for auto glass tinting, boats, RVs, trailers, house window tintingcommercial window tinting and so much more.

As a family owned and operated business in the Sacramento area, we pride ourselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. Every one of our products and services comes with a satisfaction guarantee of our workmanship and materials are always covered. Contact us, 6 days a week, for a free estimate of your automotive, residential or commercial window tinting needs in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Rancho Cordova and surrounding areas, and start protecting your skin and property today!


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Using TINTMASTER’s Selection of Window Films, Will BLOCK The Harmful Rays Of The Sun, NOT Your VIEW.

Which Window Film Do I Use?

There are several types of window film from which to choose. Assess your home and your needs, then choose the film that best meets your objective: Heat, Light, Glare, etc.,   Insulating films add year round comfort to your home. Film reflects 99% of the sun’s rays in the summer. Reflecting the sun’s ray’s means

How Does Window Film Work?

Tint is created when tinting film is bonded onto a piece of window glass. Tinting film is usually made out of clear polyester film with a very thin and even layer of tinting agents such as dyes and ceramic/ or metal deposited onto the film. A common misconception is that window tint is dark and night-time driving