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Why do I need to tint the windows on my home?

Tinting windows often gets associated with cars and other vehicles, but did you know that tinting your home windows will provide numerous benefits for the look, feel, and safety of your home? Let’s discuss some window tinting solutions …

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Sunlight Protection with a View

We all love a bright, sunny day, but the heat and UV rays from the sun can damage our skin, our furniture, and make our homes too warm for comfort. Sunlight rays can also ruin electronics, digital items, and can even cause wood to rot from routine exposure.

The wonderful thing about window tinting is it significantly reduces the harmful UV rays, without blocking your view of the outside. You may think that adding window tinting could make your home dark and dreary, but that isn’t the case. Your view to the outside isn’t blocked at all.

Tintmaster offers residential window tinting solutions to all these problems:

  • Add privacy
  • Reduce glare
  • Reduce sun damage and exposure
  • Reduce energy costs

Keep Your Cool … Don’t Overheat

Regardless of what time of year it is, save your home the stress of keeping cool with the help of window tinting. Our transparent, almost colorless spectrally-selective applied window film offers the best ratio of visible light transmission to heat rejection. These clear films don’t alter the appearance of glass, but are scratch resistant and reduce up to 55% of solar heat gain – keeping your house cooler and your bills lower over time.

Extra Privacy

Our homes are our sanctuary, and we want to feel the ultimate sense of privacy when we’re at home. We offer two effective types of privacy films for your home. These are great in any areas you’d like extra privacy – such as bathrooms and closets.

Mirrored privacy films provide daytime privacy. They allow you to see outside, but stop others from seeing in during the daylight hours. At night, their mirrored surface is ineffective and outsiders can see inside if there is light from within. Privacy films also help block UV rays up to 99%, which protects your furniture and anything else inside your home.

Frosted privacy films provide discretion at all times – night and day. Light can still pass through the windows, but you will be given privacy at all times. These films are great throughout the home, and especially helpful in bathrooms. Our window films provide great privacy and protection from the outside world 24/7, without making you feel excluded or shut-in.

Safety films also provides safety from window breakage from any weather-related issues or attempted break-ins. When window film is installed in cars, homes, etc., it’s also harder to see in to see any valuables. Learn More about adding an extra layer of home protection with window films.

Not to mention, installation is fast, cost-effective and easy in every home!

Residential Window Tinting is More than a Luxury … It’s a Necessity

You may be thinking, “tinting my windows at home is a luxury.” In reality, while the paybacks of residential window tinting are luxurious, you can experience the multiple cost-saving benefits and improved quality of life of window tinting with ease! Let’s take a look at how residential window tinting is a necessity and can fix a wide array of problems.

Providing Window Tinting Solutions to Your Problems

“This room is way too hot to enjoy in the summer months.”

Tinting the windows in your home don’t disturb your view of the outdoors, but make the indoors much more welcome. In fact, window tinting helps majorly reduce the heat and glare of the sun’s rays. This will balance out the temperatures in your rooms, making all rooms usable and enjoyable in the summer months, no matter the sunshine. With our Prestige line of films, you cut up to 55% of solar heat gain and let in up to 70% of the light.

My energy bill is so high.”

This is a huge perk to window tinting! A reduction in energy bill costs over time. Window tinting provides an insulating effect in your home, which will prevent heat from escaping in the winter, and cold air from escaping in the summer. Of course, savings will vary depending on the age, condition, location, and size of the home. In an older home in a warmer climate will have larger savings, for example.

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“We’re concerned about our privacy, and don’t want to leave our blinds open.”

If you like your privacy, window tinting is for you, and isn’t a problem. Certain types of window tinting will completely obstruct your neighbors view into your home, but your view to the outside world doesn’t have to be.

“The constant sunlight is fading my furniture.”

You spend a lot of time and effort decorating your home. Don’t let the sun’s intense rays diminish your things, install window tinting to protect your items inside your home, by blocking a high amount of rays.

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Providing Lasting Window Tinting Solutions to Your Problems

Now that we’ve gone over how window tinting in your home can fix a wide-array of issues, it’s important to note the longevity of our products. All of our residential window tinting comes with a lifetime guarantee on both materials and labor. You can’t go wrong!

Benefits of all Window Films

Whether you’re installing window films in your home, automotive, or commercial buildings, installing window film comes with many benefits without obstructing any views.

Tintmaster’s window tinting solutions & benefits include:

  • Installing window film on average pays the customer back in 5 to 7 years. We can also run a software program, given your energy use, and show you how much energy you can reduce per year with each film you have selected.
  • Protection and privacy.
  • Fade resistance.
  • UV protection.
  • Aesthetic.
  • Comfort.
  • Safety.

Tintmaster Provides Expertise & Craftsmanship

Window film also provides reliable privacy and protection for your home, cars, and commercial buildings. Tintmaster is a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. We have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence.

Tintmaster Provides Reliable Solutions

Our window tinting products are something you can always count on. We use the best window films from 3M and Solar Gard, and always stand behind our products. Our window film adhesives will not crack, peel, or bubble off the glass once installed. All commercial jobs will receive a 10-year warranty on labor and materials, and a 16-year warranty on all premium films purchased. When you hire Tintmaster, you’re guaranteed a great job.


Whether you are purchasing a new home or making improvements, there are certainly many things consider. However, by taking the time to have your home’s windows tinted, you are making a wise investment that’s sure to save you money later! At Tintmaster we have spent the last 25 years providing each of our clients with high-quality window tinting solutions and would certainly love to do the same for you.

So remember, when it comes time to invest in quality tinting for your home, there’s only one master; that’s Tintmaster! 

As a family owned and operated business, Tintmaster prides themselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. They have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence. If you need automotiveresidential, or commercial window tinting, give the specialists at Tintmaster a call at 916-852-8468.

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