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How to Block Damaging UV Rays without Blocking the Sunlight

Sun-Damaged Hardwood Floor PicUltraviolet rays, also known as UV rays, are the dangerous rays from the sun that can cause skin cancer. Limiting your exposure to the sun and wearing sunscreen is recommended for human protection. But skin is not the only thing UV rays can damage. They are also responsible for damaging many items in your home. Drapes, carpets, upholstered furniture, walls, artwork, even hardwood floors can be faded and dried out from these harmful rays. Anything in their path is at risk. The team at Tintmaster has put together a list of options for homeowners to consider when looking to protect your home, including window film.

How Can You Protect Your Home and Furnishings from UV Rays?

There are several ways to protect your home from these damaging rays. Some are more expensive than others, but read on and compare so you know your options

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows with UV resistant glass can keep the rays out, but this is not an affordable option for most homeowners as they are a large investment. However, if you are considering replacement windows, don’t underestimate the importance of UV resistant glass.

Curtains & Drapes

Curtains and drapes will certainly block the UV rays when they are closed, but unfortunately, they also block the sunlight which some people enjoy, especially in sunrooms. Plus, don’t forget that over time, the fabric of these shades and drapes will suffer from sun damage and need to be replaced.

Shutters & Awnings

Much like curtains shade the interior of your home, shutters and awnings serve the same purpose on the outside of your home. They also have the disadvantage of blocking much of the light while blocking the UV rays.

Window Film

UV blocking window film will block the UV rays, while letting light in, and is a much more affordable option than replacement windows.

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3MTM Sun Control Window Films

Sun control window films block harmful UV rays by up to 99%! They are easy to install and last for years. Need more proof? Read this case study about Pittsburgh’s historic Clayton Mansion. While sun control window film by 3MTM will definitely solve your fading problems, there are a couple of other handy benefits it will provide as well. Because it blocks most of the UV rays, it also blocks most of the heat. It can reduce energy costs by up to 30%. It will even reduce the sun’s glare on your TV and computer screens. Window film is the most cost-effective way to reduce the UV rays without sacrificing the sunlight that you enjoy.

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If your home has rooms that are uncomfortably hot, have too much glare, or you just want to protect your furnishings from fading, give Tintmasters a call at (916) 852-8468. We’ll come to your home and give you a free estimate on tinting your windows.


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