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How Tintmaster Makes Commercial Window Film Installation Painless

Commercial Window Tint PicWindow film is an investment – a smart one. Not only will window film lower heating and cooling costs and reduce glare and fading from the sun, it will also last a long time. When you consider your options for sun and temperature control – blinds, shutters, outside awnings, etc. – window film is an affordable option that keeps the environment comfortable and the view exactly how you want it.

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Tintmaster Can Handle Large Commercial Installations

No matter how big your project is, Tintmaster has the skills and resources to handle it. We can handle any size job, from small storefronts, to large multi-story buildings. We’ve solved numerous problems for large corporations including rooms that were too hot, had too much glare from the sun or had fading issues.

While blinds and shades can be expensive, window film takes care of the problem without ruining the view! Tintmaster has tinted everything from a tractor in the middle of a cornfield to the Northern California Air Control Center (TRACON). Hospitals, Civic Centers, Starbucks, you name it, we’ve helped them make their spaces more comfortable, practical, and energy efficient.

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We Can Install Window Film without Disrupting Your Tenants

Many company or building owners assume that window film installation will require their tenants to leave the building. On the contrary, Tintmaster can install during normal business hours with minimal interruption. Installing window film involves no odors or chemicals. We are also available evenings and weekends for your convenience. All we need is three to five feet of window access so we can properly clean and install the window films.

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We Stand behind Our Window Films

Our 3M Films, under normal circumstances, will maintain their effectiveness for fifteen to twenty years! To make you feel even better, our commercial window film installations come with a 10-year film warranty or a 16-year premium warranty on labor and material direct from the manufacturer. You can count on many years of worry-free performance from our 3M window films.

If you have an office space that suffers from solar gain, glare, or fading issues, give Tintmaster a call and we’ll provide a free estimate for window film that will solve all of your problems. Call us at (916) 852-8468.

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