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Tintmaster’s Guide to the Types of Window Films

residential-window-tintingAt Tintmaster in Sacramento, we are always surprised to hear that homeowners do not know that there are different types of window tinting. While most homeowners predominately use window tinting to control damage from the sun, there are other reasons homeowners should consider window tinting: security and aesthetics. We break down the differences between window films below with the help of our buddies at 3M.

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3M Sun Control Window Films

Sun control films are notorious for lowering energy bills for home and business owners. However, this isn’t the only benefit to the sun control films:

  • Reduce energy costs by up to 30%
  • Block harmful UV rays by up to 99%, reducing the fading of carpet and furnishings
  • Control the comfort of your home more easily with more consistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Reduce screen glare on televisions and computers  

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3M Fasara Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films are great for adding privacy or an aesthetic element to your home. This decorative glass feature is achieved through durable and flexible polyester materials. We recommend using decorative window films for the following areas:

  • Bathroom windows
  • Exterior windows
  • Verandas
  • Home offices

3M Safety & Security Window Films

From break-ins to severe weather, 3M’s safety and security window films help protect your windows and more importantly, your family. These window films are designed to hold glass together in the event of impact. The Ultra Prestige Series of safety window films are effective with the following:

  • Tear-resistant
  • Designed to not change appearance of home
  • Prevents glass from shattering on impact
  • Allows up to 70% of visible light through windows
  • Rejects up to 60% of heat coming through windows

Are you interested in window film for your home? Give the tinting specialists at Tintmaster a call today, at (916) 852-8468.

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