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Which Window Film Do I Use?

There are several types of window film from which to choose. Assess your home and your needs, then choose the film that best meets your objective: heat, light, glare, etc. 
Insulating films add year-round comfort to your home. Film reflects 99% of the sun’s rays in the summer. Reflecting the sun’s ray’s means reducing the heat inside your home reducing overall heat gain. As a result, your home feels much cooler and your air conditioner runs much less. Insulating films also retain your home’s heat in the winter by blocking it from escaping. These films provide comfort you can feel and savings you can see in your utility bills. In addition to increased comfort and lower utility bills, insulating films reduce fading damage to your furniture, floor and window treatments by blocking 99% of the UV rays.

Insulating Window Films Are Affordable and Energy-Efficient

The sunlight that shines in through the windows is intense and causes faded carpets, drapes and furniture. The intense heat from the sun can also damage electronics, digital items and, over time, cause wood to warp. Whoever is in charge of paying the energy bills knows how outrageously expensive those bills can be. Nobody likes to be told not to turn on the air conditioner when they are really hot. 

Home window tint is the solution!

Solar window film decreases the heat that comes in from the outside which make it easier and cheaper to keep the house cool in the summer. It also has an insulating effect that will keep in the heat in the house during the winter, which will drastically decrease your heating expenses keeping more money in your pocket.


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