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Window Blinds vs Window Film

Your conservatory or office effectively acts as a heat trap. The heat and glare build up during the day, making what should be a comfortable living/work area quite unbearable. Most people are already aware of the benefits of blinds, but how many people realize that there is a more cost effective alternative.

Conservatory blinds require brackets and header rails to be fitted, therefore holes will be drilled into the conservatory and this, in itself, could invalidate any warranty given by the conservatory manufacturers/installers.

Window film does not require any brackets or header rails therefore it eliminates the need for drilling holes in your conservatory or window frame, so any guarantees on your conservatory or window frames are not invalidated.

Blinds will help prevent light from ruining your furniture, however they also prevent you from enjoying the view of your garden. With window film, you can cut the glare by 90%, reduce the heat by 85%, and still enjoy looking out onto your garden. If you are able to view out, you are also able to keep an eye on your own or neighbor’s property without being observed which is a plus for any neighborhood watch scheme. Especially as the window film affords the owner a higher level of privacy from prying or inquisitive eyes than just a plain uncovered glass. i.e the owners can see out without the outside viewing in.

Window film is also hassle free compared to conservatory blinds when it come to cleaning, no need to remove any fittings or a messy cleaning operation. Just clean the windows with the window film attached with the care you would a normal window and you will have trouble free privacy and heat reduction for many years to come.

While not being a total light block out as some conservatory blinds would be, the modern solar window films also cut out as much as 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and preventing fading of your furniture and furnishings.

Special window films are available for use on conservatory doors or French windows that are harder wearing and offer protection from scratching dog or cat claws. Other types of window films are available for added security so that, should the window get broken, the glass does not shatter everywhere. If there is a particular requirement or need of the customer then you can be certain that there is a window film or coating that can be used to MAXIMUM effect.

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