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Are You A Business Owner? Here are 10 Benefits to Tint Your Business Windows

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of tinting the windows in your home or your car. But if you’re a business owner, you may not be aware that there are also benefits to tint your business windows as well. Below are 10 benefits we’ve put together for your consideration.

Protect and Deflect Glare and UV Rays

The sun’s harmful rays can be deflected with the application of window film. The glare and UV rays will damage the items and furnishings in your home or make them fade without this deflection; not to mention viewing your tv screen or moving through your home and being hit by a glare can be really painful to view. Think about your business; clients and customers may not look in the windows or enter your business because of the glare.

Customer and Employee Satisfaction

People like their privacy. When you tint your business windows, it will help keep your customers and employees happy, since others won’t be able to look in and see what they’re doing. Another way to add privacy inside your business is to add Decorative Office Window Tinting.

Security Increased

Your business is vulnerable when it’s visible by others. Curious on lookers can be stopped when you tint your business windows. Deterring a potential thief when they can’t see into your business, whether it’s open or closed, is always a good idea.

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Protect Your Health

When you tint your business windows, the sun’s harmful UV rays are blocked. Which increases the possibility that you and your employees will have fewer issues with sun cancer over time.

Less Vulnerable from Impact

Window film is going to leave your windows a lot less likely to break when there is flying debris or if someone tries to break in through the window of your business, which will protect you and your business.

Utility and Tax Rebates

You can qualify for green and clean credits or rebates from your utility company, which will save you money while you’re saving energy and helping with the environment. Check with your utility company and ask them about getting money back when you tint your business windows.

Cool Your Business with Less Cost

Do you live and work in an area that has hot weather? An added bonus of tinting your business windows is the lowering the costs of cooling your business, because you won’t need to have to use the air conditioning as much, since the heat coming through your windows is going to be reduced. Your cost savings can be up to 30% when you add window film.

HVAC Equipment Lasts Longer

Your HVAC equipment is going to last longer, since the air conditioning in your office is going to be used less often and will save you money long-term.

Additional HVAC Equipment won’t be Necessary

So many businesses need to upgrade their HVAC equipment because it just can’t keep up with the demand to keep your business cool. But when you tint your business windows, it may not be necessary to add more equipment.

Warranties May be Offered

When you use a reputable company to tint your business windows, you should receive a warranty. What a bonus!


As a business owner, if you’re looking for a way to make your business more comfortable for you, your employees and customers and save money, call Tintmaster in Sacramento to tint your business windows!

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