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Professional Tinting Services: Wanna Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows?

As you’ve probably noticed, a growing number of vehicles today have their windows tinted, and indeed there are many reasons for wanting to have this done.

While certainly many people tint their vehicle’s windows simply for aesthetic reasons, (although cars with tinted windows do look really cool!) tinted windows do serve many practical purposes as well. From shielding the interior of your car and yourself from the costly and unhealthy effects of excesses sunlight, to reducing the blinding (and accident causing) glare that plagues so many motorists, to adding an extra veil of privacy between your personal property and the outside world, there’s little wonder why this has become such a sought-after commodity.

However, because darker windows has become increasingly popular in recent years, there are a couple of different ways you can have your car’s windows tinted, and the results of each may vary.

Automotive Window Tinting: DIY vs. Professional

Let’s be blunt here, although DIY (Do It Yourself) window tinting kits have been a staple of the automotive section in large retail stores for quite a while now, the simple fact is that compared to professional-grade tinting, the materials used in DIY kits are simply inferior and cannot deliver the same quality; this is not to say that DYI tinting does not have its good points however as we will further explain here.

DIY Tinting: Pros and Cons

DIY Tinting: Pros

Accessibility: Although DIY tinting kits cannot provide the same quality of product as a professional service, DIY tinting kits are available at the majority of major retail suppliers across the country, thus being easy to find and therefore readily accessible for purchase.

Economically friendly: Another advantage of store-bought tinting kits is the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and may cost less than professional tinting.

On your time: Perhaps a third and final advantage of DIY tinting is the convenience of doing it on your own time as opposed to making the time to have it scheduled. It is extremely important to remember that you should take the time to apply the material correctly, and not hasten the application process in any way, or doing it yourself could have disastrous results!

DIY Tinting: Cons

Not easy: There IS a reason why window tinting is a professional service, and if that’s not apparent to you now, it may very well be after trying it yourself! Truth be told, proper glass tinting is not a walk in the park, and despite popular belief, automotive tinting is much more difficult than both residential and commercial tinting.

This is due to the curvature and unique shape of car windows, which (unlike the linear glass-window pane found in most homes) requires a certain amount of time, dedication, and acquired skill to be done correctly.

Accidents happen: Have you ever seen what happens when a car’s windows are incorrectly tinted? If not, a quick image search will show you exactly what we are talking about, as the appearance of bubbles, crinkles, and creases, is not an uncommon occurrence if the tinting process is rushed or improperly preformed.

Unfortunately, if you chose DIY tinting you are running the risk of encountering such problems, as there is no guidance to ensure the process goes as it’s supposed to, and of course no warranties if it does not.

Legality: When making any sort of alterations or modifications to your car, it’s important to understand that you ARE in fact accepting any legal liability that may come with it and window tinting is certainly no exception.

What makes this difficult is the fact is that the legally allowed percentage (or darkness) of window tinting varies both on the state the vehicle is registered in, as well as what type of vehicle it is, (car, truck, SUV, ect) and which windows are tinted to what extent. (Front and rear windshields generally cannot be as dark as the side windows.)

Obviously, this can be a bit messy and confusing, but unfortunately this is something you will need to consider if you choose to attempt to tint your windows yourself.

Can Devalue Your Vehicle: If a car’s tint job is botched or is simply substandard, it can lessen a car’s worth and reduce its resale value later.

Professional Tinting Services: Pros and Cons

Professional Tinting Services: Cons

Cost: As we’ve said before a professional tinting service isn’t as cheap as purchasing the materials and doing it on your own, and for some people this may be a deal breaker. Obviously, this decision boils down to your finances, and what you’re able to afford or willing to settle for, but if it’s quality your seeking, it will cost a little bit more.

Convenience: As the old saying goes, “If you’re going to do something, do it the right way” and most auto enthusiasts will probably agree that a professional tinting service is indeed the right way. Finding the time to actually come in and have your car professionally tinted might be a bit tricky depending or your schedule, for such an easy application process and of course flawless final product, we believe that you’ll agree its worth scheduling the time!

Professional Tinting Services: Pros

Pro Knowledge: As its name implies, a professional grade window tinting is the real deal and by far the safer of the two options. By opting to go with a professional tinting, you will have the benefit of experienced technicians working on your car, all of whom possess a vast array of knowledge and resources on automotive tinting. And they will be able to assist and advise you on how to receive the desired results.

Pro Tools: While DIY kits will provide you with necessary materials needed to tint your own windows, if used correctly they still cannot produce the same quality product as a professional service can.

With a professional tinting service such as TintMaster, you can rest assured that only the highest quality materials will be utilized.

No Hassle: While you may enjoy a good hands-on project every now and then, by letting the pros tint your car you are not only saving yourself the trouble of actually trying to do it, but also from any long-term hassles that may occur down the road.

While a DIY tinting might look like a good option to you at first, after a few seasons in the Sacramento sun you may feel differently.

Long-term Investment: Yes, a professional tinting service is more expensive than DIY, but remember; Its an investment. Sure, it’s tempting to save a bit of money and take the cheaper route, but if things don’t go as planned you may find yourself actually spending more money on having the subpar tint removed, which is certainly not what you want!

Always Guaranteed: Simply put,if you choose to have your car professionally tinted you WILL get guaranteed results, your tint WILL be legal, and your tint WILL be under warranty should anything happen to it. If taking a risk isn’t your thing, a professional tinting service is the way to go.

The Professionals at TintMaster

As a Sacramento based and family owned operation, at TintMaster, automotive window tinting is just one of several great services we have provided for our customers over the years and will continue to offer. 

From automotive, to commercial and residential tinting, we take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality service possible and look forward to doing the same for you!

Whether you choose to tint your car’s windows yourself or not, the choice is yours. However, at TintMaster, we can promise that not only will your time and money will be well spent, but your car will receive cool, sleek, picturesque tinting that’s sure to last for years!  

As a family owned and operated business, TintMaster prides themselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. They have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence. If you need automotiveresidential, or commercial window tinting, give the specialists at TintMaster a call at 916-852-8468.

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