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Auto Tinting: We Busted 5 Automotive Window Tinting Myths

Automotive Window Tinting: By Popular Demand

By providing protection from excess sunlight, in addition to offering an increased veil of privacy as well as other aesthetic benefits, there is little wonder as to why automotive window tinting has become such a sought-after commodity in recent years. However, despite its overwhelming popularity, rumors and falsehoods continue to surround the aspect of tinting cars windows, often leading to misconceptions. Therefore, in the section below we will address some of the most common myths surrounding auto tinting in hopes of busting some of these myths once and for all!

Auto Tinting: Five Myths Busted!

Myth: It’s illegal to tint your car’s windows

Busted: To put it bluntly; it is NOT illegal to have your car’s windows tinted. However, there ARE specific state laws and regulations on the shade (or darkness) of the auto tinting allowed, and these laws DO vary from one state to the next. This is very important to keep in mind if you are planning to tint your car’s windows yourself, as failure to adhere to your state’s laws will likely result in hefty fines and requiring you to remove the tinting film. This of course is one of many reasons why many people choose to have their windows tinted by professionals such as our technicians at TintMaster, who are well-versed on state requirements and will ensure you receive the desired result.

Myth: It’s very expensive to have your windows tinted

Busted: While window tinting is not always the cheapest endeavor, the idea that having your windows tinted is excessively expensive is not necessarily true either. If you choose to purchase a DIY window tinting kit and apply the tinting film yourself, the cost of the materials will likely be cheaper as opposed to having the glass professionally tinted. However, if you attempt to tint your windows yourself, you are taking a bit of a risk as the application process is difficult and the tinting materials are of a lower quality. If the process is botched or incorrectly preformed, you may actually find yourself spending MORE on removing the material and replacing it, than you would have on a professional service.

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Myth: Window tinting impairs a driver’s vision

Busted: Auto tinting comes in many different shades, and there ARE some shades that can affect visibility, however windows that have been tinted within LEGAL limits shouldn’t impair a driver’s vision. Again, this why it so important to research all aspects of window tinting if you plan on applying the tinting material yourself as tint that is too dark is not only illegal but can be unsafe as well. 

Myth: Window tinting makes glass unbreakable

Busted: While auto tinting does protect your car in the sense of reducing the amount of sunlight that may damage the interior and preventing potential thieves from seeing what’s inside, it does not make the glass unbreakable. If struck with enough force and velocity, tinted glass will certainly break. However, tinted glass will not shatter into tiny shards like regular glass due to the tinting film altering the glass’s overall quality, thus making it slightly more durable.

Myth: Tinting is impermanent and will bubble and fade over time

Busted: Although somewhat common in belief, the idea that tinted windows will inevitably bubble up or start to discolor over a given period of time is false. While certainly a quick image search will yield numerous pictures of disastrous tinting attempts, keep in mind that this is often someone who has attempted to apply the material themselves and not the work of an experienced professional. If correctly administered by professional technician, your car’s tint should last for years without any issues.

Auto Tinting: Don’t Be Fooled!

With the popularity of auto tinting on windows continuing to rise, we suggest you hire the Pros!

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