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Window Film Adds an Extra Layer of Home Protection

As a homeowner, the safety of your home is most likely extremely important to you. Similar to locking your doors, window film can add an extra layer of comfort, security and home protection. 

Oftentimes, a glass window can be the most vulnerable point of your home. Our 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film can protect you and offer a great first line of defense! 

What is Window Film?

There are few types of window film that we can install in your home to add an extra layer of home protection:

  1. Tinted/frosted/mirror privacy films: These films can darken your interior and reduce unwanted heat. You can see outside, but others cannot see inside your home, providing a level of privacy normal windows cannot achieve. 
  2. Colorless/transparent films: These films do not darken the interior, but still reduce heat and come with a scratch-resistant coating.

Though the light and heating benefits of window film are wonderful for aesthetic, heating costs, reflective light, and more, they can also increase the safety of your windows. 

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How Does Window Film Provide Safety?

Our 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film is a great option for your budget, safety and home protection! The window film is designed to hold glass in place when it breaks. That means if a window gets shattered, it won’t send shards of glass flying everywhere, potentially hurting those in close range of the broken window. Instead, the film can greatly minimize damage and help hold the glass together. 

Due to the strong nature of the window film, break-ins or forced entry attempts can be delayed or stopped altogether. Simply put, our 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film is stronger than regular glass and reinforces any windows it’s applied on. This can also protect your home from extreme weather or external forces, such as hail, strong wind, tree branches, and more. 

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Increase of Privacy

Along with the protection against broken glass, window tinting is great for extra privacy protection. When people can’t look into your home easily, it can provide an extra layer of security. They are especially great for providing extra privacy in any bathrooms. 

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