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5 Reasons Office Buildings Need Window Tinting

More Than A Glare

As a workspace, it’s important to keep the number of distractions at an office to a minimum, while maintaining an environment that is both comfortable and encourages productivity. However, when you find yourself constantly interrupted by a blinding glare coming from your window, even the smallest task can become quite a chore.

While such a simplistic problem such as excessive sunlight may seem like little more than a minor nuisance, by creating a difficult or uncomfortable environment this can affect an office’s productivity, cause unnecessary stress amongst employee’s, and eventually lead to financial losses as well! While certainly blinds or drapes provide some temporary relief from the harsh rays of sunlight, by merely masking the problem will you will not fix it, nor will you prevent it from being an ongoing issue in the future. To truly solve this problem once and for all, you need to be proactive and you need a permanent solution; you need a commercial window tinting.

While having the windows of your office tinted may seem like a tall order, commercial tinting can make a big difference in improving workplace comfort, while providing an attractive solution that is almost certain to win praise among employees and clients!

The Major Benefits of Commercial Tinting

Better Environment:

As mentioned previously, when an indoor environment is subject to sunlight, glares and fluctuating temperature are persistent problems that will certainly cause a degree of discomfort and aggravation. However, by having tinting film applied to your major sources of sunlight, you will reduce approximately 95% of the blinding, heat-inducing glare from each window.  This creates a much more comfortable climate for your office’s staff, as well as any guests that may visit.

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Interior Protection:

One aspect of natural lighting that is often overlooked is the fact that excessive Ultraviolet (UV) light can be extremely harmful to furniture, carpet, electronic equipment, and other facilities as well. Fortunately, by applying tinting film, your windows will be able to repel upwards of 90% of the UV rays, thereby protecting the furnishings of your office from damage.

Save Money:

How often do you find yourself adjusting the thermostat? Obviously, the heat and humidity are an issue for many the summer months here in sunny Sacramento. Unfortunately, if left unassessed, this issue may prove to itself to be quite costly when receiving your monthly bill. Thankfully, by reducing approximately 80% of the solar heat coming through your windows, commercial tinting will surely put a big dent in those monthly AC bills while simultaneously sparing the office staff from the scorching heat.

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Fashion and Function:

Appearance is important for any office, and in addition to providing protection from excess sunlight and heat, professionally administered commercial tinting that will give your office a sleek, refined look that is sure to make a positive impression on the surrounding community!

Tintmaster: Sacramento’s Finest!

For over 25 years, Tintmaster has been Sacramento’s one-stop source for all your window tinting needs. At Tintmaster, our expert technicians pride themselves on providing the highest quality Commercial, Residential, and Automotive based tinting available, and will certainly do the same for you! If too much sun is making your office miserable, trust the master and call Tintmaster!

As a family owned and operated business, Tintmaster prides themselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. They have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence. If you need automotiveresidential, or commercial window tinting, give the specialists at Tintmaster a call at 916-852-8468.

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