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Tintmaster’s Guide: Residential Window Tinting Pros and Cons

More Than It Appears!

Residential window tinting is a service that has been around for many years, and while this practice is certainly nothing new, in recent years the public’s demand of having the windows of their home tinted has increased exponentially.

While in previous years, home window tinting was written off as something of an aesthetically inclined service, done mostly to improve a home’s appearance while adding an extra layer of privacy between your home and the outside world. Indeed, window tinting does achieve both of these purposes; however, the recent surge in the popularity of window tinting can likely be attributed to the public’s realization that benefits of residential window tinting extend far beyond the two previously mentioned aspects and provide many additional advantages as well! Find out more about residential window tinting pros and cons.

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Residential Tinting Pros And Cons


The advantages of having a residential window tinting are numerous and can have a significant impact on variety of different aspects of one’s life. In addition to increased privacy and aesthetic appeal, here are some of the additional benefits you can expect If you have your home’s windows tinted.

Comfortable Temperature: By restricting the amount of sunlight allowed to enter your windows, any excess heat that would accompany the sunlight would be significantly reduced. By applying window tint, the temperature of your home will become much easier to control, thereby allowing you to adjust the climate of your home to your own level of comfort.

UV Protection: Obviously excess sun exposure is always something to keep in mind when your spending time outside, but did you know that too much sun can be harmful indoors too? Indeed, such hazardous UV rays can in fact cause damage to you skin inside, which in turn can produce a myriad of health problems if left untreated. However due to improved technology, professional-grade window tint now diminishes approximately 90% of intrusive UV rays, thus allowing you to shine the sun’s natural light within your home without the health risks.

Interior Protection: Withblinding rays of light constantly pouring into your home, your home’s interior is guaranteed to sustain some damage! This includes carpet, furniture, artwork, woodwork, and anything else the sun’s rays may reach. Fortunately, by applying tinting film to each of your windows, you will protect not only your home’s interior, but spare yourself the aggravation and expense of having to re-furnish and replace the items within your home. Read more about how to protect your investment, here.

Reinforced Glass: Whether it’s a serious situation, such as an attempted break in, or simply an errant baseball that has gone a bit farther than expected, windows are always at risk of being broken. However, one effect of applying tinting film to your home’s windows is an added layer of reinforcement, in which the glass will crack but not shatter upon impact. With the window unable to shatter, the possibly of personal injury is greatly reduced, thereby better protecting you and your family members if such an event should occur.

Save Money: When it comes to money, every little bit adds up and tinted windows WILL save you money. From protecting your precious furnishing from the relentless rays of sun, to cutting down the cost of your monthly energy bills, the copious ways in which window tint can save you money is truly remarkable! Read more about how residential window tinting can save you money, here.


While the positive aspects of residential tinting certainly outweigh any negatives, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider prior to tinting your home’s windows.

Not Unbreakable: This is a common misconception that has persisted over the years and continues to do so. So please remember, while the tinting film DOES increase the strength and durability of your windows, it DOES NOT make the glass unbreakable.

Reduced Night-time Efficiency: Having the inside of your home visible for all to see is an ideal situation, and while window tinting will provide a great veil of privacy during the daytime, if lights are left on at night it will still be possible to see inside. If this is a concern of yours, we recommend curtains or blinds for nighttime usage.

Long-term Investment: Residential window tinting is an investment and like any investment, paying for it now ensures receiving the desired results later.  And although the cost may vary from one service to another, the results (as mentioned in the pros section) are always the same!

Call The Master, Tintmaster!

Certainly, the decision on whether to tint your home’s windows is entirely yours to make, however if you are interested in residential window tinting pros and cons remember, there’s only one master!

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