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Commercial Building Window Tint: A Wise Choice

Now that you’ve decided to get commercial building window tint for your business, there are 5 things we’d like you to consider.

As the owner of an office building, there are a number of things to take into consideration, and certainly many difficult decisions that you will have to make. However, the decision to invest in commercial building window tint has not been a hard choice for many business owners in the past, as the practical and aesthetic advantages that tinted windows offer are staggering to say the least!

Commercial Building Window Tint: 5 Things to Consider

If you have made the decision to have the windows of your office tinted, obviously we believe you have made a very good decision that will prove its worth for many years to come. That being said, there are several things to consider prior to the application process. Although tinting film is commonly thought to all be the same, in fact there are a number of differences in the various types of tinting, all of which can have a significant impact on the final product and how it functions.

Style & Contrast:

First and foremost, you need to explicitly decide what purpose that you want the tint to serve. Obviously having blinding rays of sunlight blasting through your office windows day after day can certainly cause major distractions and swelling temperatures. In this scenario, you would certainly want a type of tinting film designed to reduce glare and reject heat. On the other hand, perhaps you have a privacy concern and require tint that prevents those on the outside from seeing into your building, thus requiring a mirror styled tint for less-translucent effect.

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Commercial building window tint can come in a variety of different shades and colors, that can be used to give your establishment a desirable appearance. This can be an effective tool for marketing as a unique or distinct look can play a major role in helping your business stand out.

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With multiple brands and types of tinting film, the thickness of the material will vary from one to the next. Additionally, thicker material may be more effective in blocking out heat, as well as retaining heat during the cooler months.


The cost may vary depending on a number of factors including the type of film used as well as the number of major light sources your office has. If you are on a limited budget, then this is certainly something that you should take into consideration!

Installation Process:

In addition to cost, the installation process can also play a major role in making one’s decision, and while the process isn’t particularly long or painstaking, it does take a certain amount of time for the application to fully complete. However, keep in mind that this is an investment, and like any investment it requires time to reach its fruition.

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Think It Over

While commercial building window tint can serve as a major long-term investment for a commercial establishment, while providing numerous improvements, its up to you to decide just what sort of improvements that you want to make. At TintMaster, we ask you to consider this as well as other factors prior to making your decision.

Remember only you can decide what’s truly right for you and business, and when it comes time to make that important decision come see the Master at TintMaster!

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