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Window Tint: Is Your Work Environment Cool (or glaring hot)??

The Work Zone

When you’re working, what’s your ideal setting? Is it a quiet, distraction-free office space?  Or perhaps a stimulating, active environment is more your speed?

Obviously, people can have a variety of different preferences and certainly their chosen occupation can be a determining factor in this, but one thing is abundantly clear; the work environment is a big deal! A work environment can have both a highly positive or a highly negative impact their employee’s performance, and in some instances can make or break their relationship with their employer. If you’re a business owner, you want to give your employees their best chance at succeeding, and while certainly you can’t control everything, with some help from Tintmaster, a comfortable climate is something you can provide.

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Chill Out: The Benefits of Commercial Tinting

Simply put; when people are uncomfortable, they are unhappy, and there are few things more uncomfortable (and annoying) than a glare! A baking hot glare beaming down on a person’s head for hours on end is bound to make anyone lose their cool, and this is particularly true in a work-place environment in which people may already be under stress. 

To fix this problem, a commercial based window tinting is exactly what you’re looking for! As you may know, professional window tinting has improved exponentially in recent years, and now provides 95% heat rejection thus significantly reducing the amount of heat allowed to enter the window. This not only creates a much more comfortable climate for your office’s staff, but also a much more controllable environment in which the climate can be regulated to suit any particular needs.

While creating a pleasant environment for your staff can be hugely beneficial, the benefits; however, certainly don’t end there. By having tinting film applied to the major windows in your office, you are also saving yourself a lot of money in both energy costs, and furnishings as well! Don’t believe it? Read more here, the sun just may be robbing your business!

That’s not all … the environment also impacts your customers!! Read more here to see how you can improve the customer experience with commercial window tint too!

While there is certainly no shortage of discount furniture and appliance stores these days, purchasing furnishings and equipment for an entire office is guaranteed to be costly, and if left exposed to the hazardous rays of sunlight, you may find yourself having to replace these expensive amenities much sooner than you’d like! However, by applying tinting film, your windows will be able to repel an upwards of 90% UV rays, thereby protecting the furnishings of your office from damage!

In addition to furnishings, cutting down on energy costs are also a way in which window tinting can save you money. As mentioned previously, by deflecting much of the heat that’s allowed to come through the glass, commercial tinting will help significantly those troublesome AC bills that plague so many of us during the summer months.

Beat the Heat with Tintmaster!

Your employees deserve to be given a comfortable environment, so that they can be as productive as possible and as a business owner, providing that should be a priority of yours. With some help from our technicians at Tintmaster, you can do this and save yourself money at the same time! If the scorching sun is making you lose your cool, call the master and beat the heat with Tintmaster!

As a family owned and operated business, Tintmaster prides themselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. They have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence. If you need automotiveresidential, or commercial window tinting, give the specialists at Tintmaster a call at 916-852-8468.

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