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Security Window Film: Protect Your Business Glass from Damage


Protect Your Business Glass from Damage

The past year or so has thrown us all for some loops and so many of us have faced adversity and a new set of challenges. It has also been particularly hard on business owners. With so many challenges affecting us, let us here at Tintmaster take care of your commercial windows – providing protection from damage with our security window film.

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What is our Safety / Security Window Film?

Security Window Film is installed just like any other standard window film. However, the difference is mainly in the thickness of the safety film. It’s significantly thicker and sturdier, meaning that it’s a great layer of protection against break-ins and natural disasters. If the glass does manage to break, the security film will hold the broken glass together, increasing safety.

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The Benefits and Types

Regular window glass breaks easily under pressure. Our safety / security window film does not; it’s thick and flexible, which can make a huge difference in how easily a window breaks.

Your windows are your most vulnerable area in your commercial building. Strengthen your glass by 2-3 times to increase your safety and security greatly prolong any forced entry time. With safety film, you can also increase your privacy by choosing our three types of films:

  • Reflective – Reflects outside light like a mirror, meaning that other’s only see a reflective surface, not inside your building. This type of tint works best during daytime, when the outside light is brighter than any inside light.
  • Clear – Best for when you want your windows to look normal, so others don’t know you’re protected with our safety/security film. This film doesn’t block the light or provide a tint.
  • Solar – The most common type of security film, solar film blocks the suns harmful UV rays and heat. Our solar security film combines safety with the sleek look of tinted windows.

Give us a Call Today!

As a business owner, we can show you a way to add a protective layer with Commercial Window Tint and make your business more comfortable for you, your employees and customers. Let’s talk about how we can make your windows stronger, protect your building, and provide privacy. Remember, we also offer the best warranty on commercial window tinting – 16 years on both materials and labor. We stand behind our product and services so you can hire us with confidence.

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As a bonus, we can show you how you’ll save money too. Commercial window tinting usually pays for itself within 5-7 years. Call Tintmaster in Sacramento to tint your business windows!

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As a family owned and operated business, Tintmaster prides themselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. They have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence. If you need automotiveresidential, or commercial window tinting, give the specialists at Tintmaster a call at 916-852-8468.

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