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Window Film FAQ from Tintmaster

Do you have questions about window tint or film? Want to know which one is right for your home or business?

We tackled a window film FAQ to help you understand why Tintmaster believes professionally-installed window film is a great investment for both residential and commercial spaces.

Most Asked Questions about Window Film

What is window film?

Also called window tint, window film is a transparent film made of plastic or metallic laminate that is applied directly to glass windows. It is available in many different compositions with varying effects on the mechanical and optical properties of the underlying glass. It is easier to install and less costly than chemically altered specialty glass, because it is applied to finished glass. The film can work in various ways, depending on the outcome needed by the user.

Is the film transparent?

The amount of transparency is up to you. Window film comes in an assortment of tints, shades, designs, and colors; the options vary according to your needs. Window film can be virtually clear, to preserve the view or completely opaque or non-transparent for privacy. When customers use window film for solar control, it is designed to be clear or invisible to the eye. Think of the effect being like wearing a great pair of sunglasses: when installed correctly, it becomes virtually unnoticeable, but creates incredible results. Learn more about the Privacy and Protection window film offers.

How dark is the film?

The tint of the film is up to your discretion. If your goal is privacy, you might choose a dark window tint. Some businesses opt for patterns, which can provide the best of both worlds: privacy and design. For a lighter space, you could use a virtually clear, non-reflective product. There are virtually unlimited options! Learn about Decorative Office Window Tint.

Does it block light?

Not at all. This is one of the special features of window film, as it has been designed to control heat, protect against fading and glare, all without obscuring light and sunshine. You really do get the best of both worlds. Working with professional installers, like Tintmaster, you can select a film that gives you the level of protection you want while maintaining a livable space. Are you interested in tinting the windows of your commercial building or office? Check out our article: Commerical Window Tinting: 6 Advantages for Your Business.

Will it work on my windows?

The short answer: Yes! We’ve literally installed window film on every kind of window and glass. From skylights to patio doors, we can custom fit window films to almost any shape. It is even a great choice for dual pane and tempered glass windows. Related Article: 5 Things to Know Before Tinting Your Home Windows.

How do I choose a film?

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Professional window film installers, like Tintmaster, can help you make the right selection. We will help you identify your needs and recommend the right product. We can provide samples to get a better idea of the choices you have too! Related Article: Tintmaster’s Guide to the Types of Window Films.

Can it save money on my energy bill?

Yes. Window films are a very effect way to save money on your energy bill for commercial and residential spaces. Simply, it reduces the amount of heat that enters a room during the summer and helps to keep the heat in during the winter The energy savings impact can be huge. Learn how Residential Window Film Can Winterize Your Home and Lower Your Energy Bills.

Can it reduce glare?

Absolutely! Glare from the sun can be a huge distraction in any space. Window film offers versions with different degrees of tint, designed to cut down the amount of sunlight that enters a room and create a more comfortable environment.

Will it prevent fading?

Absolutely! This is one of the main reasons homeowners have window film professionally installed. It is designed to filter out the bad light, including UV rays, and only allow the good light to enter your home or building.

How does it prevent fading?

Very simply: window film filters out the UV rays and the bad light that damage furnishings, only allowing good light to enter. 

Will it reduce internal temperatures?

Yes. One of the many benefits of window film is its ability to reduce the amount of sunshine that passes through a window. This reduction of solar energy reduces the transference of heat and can make a room substantially cooler; up to 8-10 degrees in some instances. Learn more: Is Your Work Environment Cool (or Glaring Hot)??

Does it affect the value of my home?

Our customers inform us that it’s a strong selling point. Potential buyers appreciate the look and benefit of window film, especially when considering the overall cost savings of heating and cooling that an owner can experience. Many of our loyal customers have used our services with every move they’ve made in the Sacramento area over the years.

Is the installation messy?

Not when it’s installed by professionally trained window film installers. The Tintmaster team has a reputation for fast and meticulous work. We respect your property and exercise extreme care when installing window film, whether in private homes or commercial spaces.

Is it expensive?

When you consider the energy savings, the protection against UV rays, the quality of the materials used and the increased security, window film is a great investment. Many customers have seen remarkable savings just on their energy bills alone, far exceeding both their expectations and the cost of installation. Just like any other improvement, learn how to Protect Your Investment with Window Tinting.

How long does installation take?

Each window film installation varies, but in many cases, the film can be installed in one day. When scheduling an appointment with a professionally trained window film installer, be sure to mention any time constraints. A skilled installer understands your needs and will adjust the project, including material ordering and lead time, to fit your schedule.

Can my pet damage the film?

This is a great question. We are pet lovers too and some of our pets have been trained to signal to their owners when they need to head outside. Over time, pawing on a glass door covered with window film will cause damage over time.

Will it fit all my windows?

Yes. You’ll be amazed at how well window film can be modified to fit nearly any window. We custom cut each sheet of window film to match the exact size of your window or door. In fact, even on large windows, our measurements and techniques are so precise, there are no visible seams. We can apply window film safely to any type of door or window. This includes single and double hung, bay windows, sliding patio and French doors, casement and even storm windows.

Can you install it on double-panes windows & doors?

Yes. Window film can be successfully applied to any modern dual-pane window, including tempered windows and windows with a LOW-E coating.

What about skylights?

We love the effect that window film has on skylights. It’s really the only thing that can make a skylight even better! It’s important to remember that applying window film to a skylight requires a combination of the right window film and skilled installers, both of which are available through Tintmaster.

Can I remove the film myself?

While professionally installed window film is designed to be a permanent installation, it can be removed without causing damage. There are some legitimate reasons for removing window film. For instance, some home sellers my wish to remove window film before selling a home or a building manager may be required to remove any window film when leaving an office space. Do you love DIY Projects? Here are Reasons to Choose Professional Window Tinting vs. DIY


We hope we were able to answer your questions with our Window Film FAQ — if not, give us a call!

Whether your goals are to reduce utility bills, UV ray exposure, increase privacy, or increase the look and feel of your office space, home, or automobile, window tinting offers a wonderful solution for you.

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