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Automotive Window Tinting FAQ

We’ve had it!! The rumor mill is out of control and we’re ready to answer the questions that we hear from our clients most often … so, here you go — Automotive Window Tinting FAQ from The Master at Tintmaster!

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Although the automotive industry has seen several trends come and go over the years, window tinting has consistently remained a sought-after service among people across the globe for many years and continues to do so to this day. However, despite the widespread popularity of automotive-based window tinting, many questions still surround the installation process thus spawning several misconceptions among potential consumers.

To remedy this, we have comprised a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns regarding automotive window tinting, in an attempt to answer some of these questions and set the record straight!

Setting The Record Straight: Automotive Window Tinting FAQ

Q: What is Window Film?

A: Comprised of polyethylene terephthalate, window film is a thin polyester film material that is applied to interior surface of the glass window in your car. The reasons for doing so can vary from aesthetic purposes, to increased privacy, to reducing the amount of heat and UV rays allowed to enter your windows. Window film can come in a variety of tints, shades, and colors, to be altered to suit the intended needs and desires of the consumer.

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Q: How long does the installation process take?

A: The installation process typically requires two or three hours to complete in its entirety; however, this can vary depending on the type of vehicle in question, as well as the number of windows being tinted.

Q: Is the tinting film installed on the inside or the outside?

A: Although the film is initially hand-cut and trimmed on the outer side of the windows, the film is then installed INSIDE the car’s windows, thereby achieving the desired effect.

Q: Can I wash my car after having my windows tinted?

A: Yes, A car CAN be washed after having its windows tinted, so long as only the outside of window is cleaned and not the inside. Once the installation process is finished, we highly recommend that you wait at least one week prior to washing the inside of your windows, and that you use a foam based, ammonia-free cleaning product to do so. Additionally, it would probably be best to use a cloth hand towel to clean the newly tinted glass as harder materials may scratch or damage the film.

Q: Can I roll down my windows after having them tinted?

A: No! Not right away! Once the tinting film has been applied to the glass, you should wait a minimum of at least three to five days in order to allow the film’s adhesive to fully take to the glass.

Q: Why does window tint sometimes bubble or fade?

A: Unfortunately, this is the result of the film’s adhesive failing and while there a couple of factors that may cause this, it usually boils down to three things:

  1. Not giving the film enough time to settle before rolling the windows down
  2. Washing them too soon
  3. Using inadequate tinting materials.

The latter case is typically the result of DIY window tinting kits that are sometimes sold at automotive retail stores. Although DYI tinting kits are relatively inexpensive, the cumbersome tinting film that they use cannot deliver the same type of quality that a professional grade tinting can.

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Q: How dark are windows legally allowed to be?

A: This is a question that may vary depending on what state you live in, as different states have deferent regulations regarding the percentage of tint that can be applied to specific windows. California State Law for instance, permits that while any percentage of tint can be used for the back-side windows and rear windows of a car, the driver and passenger windows cannot be any darker than 70%, and only non-reflective tint can be applied to the windshield.

Automotive Window Tinting FAQ: No Snake Oil Here!

As a family-owned and operated business, we at Tintmaster pride ourselves on establishing an open and honest relationship with all our customers and look forward to doing the same for you. While automotive window tinting is one of our most requested services, at Tintmaster we offer both commercial and residential services as well!

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If you have any additional questions on automotive or any of our other services, please feel free to call or visit our site.

Nobody does it like the master, That’s TintMaster!

As a family owned and operated business, Tintmaster prides themselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. They have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence. If you need automotiveresidential, or commercial window tinting, give the specialists at Tintmaster a call at 916-852-8468.

Top 5 Reasons for Commercial Window Tinting in Sacramento


Why do you need commercial window tinting?

When you hear the term window tinting, several things are likely to come to mind. Most often these concepts surround the darkening of windows in your home or perhaps your car, particularly for the purposes of protection from sunlight or for privacy. While both of these perceived purposes would be correct, the protection and benefits behind window tinting are numerous and extend to beyond simply individual homes and cars, but to large commercial buildings as well.

If you have lived in Sacramento for any period of time, then you may know that from July to September Sacramento holds the distinction of being the sunniest place on the entire planet! It is in these hot, dry summers that protection from the sun’s brutal UV rays is most critical, thus the investment in protection for both your property and for yourself is certainly worthwhile.

If you are considering having your windows tinted, it is important to remember that although tinted windows are designed to protect and shield us from the outside elements, there are many additional benefits to commercial window tinting that you may not have considered.

Benefits of Window Tinting:

There are many benefits of high quality commercial window tinting for properties and buildings. Window tinting can reduce up to 85% of the heat from the sun and give 99% rejection of ultraviolet light and reduce 95% of the glare. Window tinting films also offer complete privacy during the day. Films come in varying degrees of light transmission so you can pick the window film that best meets your individual needs.

Commercial Window Tinting Will Save You Money

Commercial buildings of any size will save money by maintaining a consistently balanced temperature. An immediate return on any window tinting investment will be realized when commercial films are installed because operating costs and monthly energy usage will be lowered. By window tinting your office, you can also enjoy up to 15 degrees of saved temperature from the film itself which translates into energy cost savings on air conditioning.

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Comfortable Work Environment with Window Tinting

Any sunlit environment is subject to temperature shifts created by glare, hotspots, heat and fluctuating temperatures. It’s important to keep employees, guests, clients and shoppers comfortable. Significant amounts of UV rays can be screened out with the installation of commercial window tinting by shielding the UV rays, glare and heat from entering your work environment. It will also soften the light, balancing the temperature and maintaining a comfortable work environment all year-round.

Interior Building Protection Using Window Tinting Films

Window tinting can protect valuable contents in your building. Did you know that the interior space of your office can experience damaging and harmful effects of UV rays and solar heat, such as fading of carpet, furniture, merchandise, draperies and equipment? Up to 99% of destructive solar heat and UV light can be rejected by window films, so your investments are protected; and by them lasting longer, your saved dollars turn into profits.

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Security Window Tinting Films Offer Safety

One of the most vulnerable parts of your building is the windows and glass. Protection and safety in the workplace should always be top priority. Window films are available in security window film versions that are thicker and help hold the window glass in place if shattered. This feature can reduce the chances of burglary, damage to your property and even personal injury.

Site Beautification with Window Tinting Enhancement

Decorative window films give you the opportunity to make the best impression with decorative window films on your building or even in your home office. Commercial window tinting films offer a large selection of styles and designs to suit almost any environment that you want to add dimension or personality to within your space.

Where to buy Window Tinting Films for Commercial Buildings

The first consideration is for quality and not always price since a high quality commercial window tinting film will last for years. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” rings true in this area! Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing a low-grade window tin that will only last a couple of years. It will cost you more money in the long run, because you will have to replace it.

As a family owned and operated business, TintMaster pride themselves on professional installation, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer service. They have been serving the Sacramento area since 1989 and have built a reputation for excellence. If you need automotive, residential, or commercial window tinting, give the specialists at TintMaster a call at 916-852-8468.